11 advice for holiday stress

holiday stress

Not everyone experience all the holidays as a time of joy and relaxation. Here are some tips from the common sense to medical, what can we do to prevent it, “holiday stress” and “holiday depression”.


Quite a large number of people bring two uninvited guests for holidays – stress and depression, at least judging by the large number of articles on the internet that deal with this topic.

Perhaps no wonder that a large number of people experiencing adverse holidays, because many overwork, trying to complete all remaining work, do the necessary shopping, preparing food, mid apartment, took care of children or elderly parents … In the final result, they remain without the expected peace and joy

  1. Do not expect unrealistic things of the holidays (it will happen something absolutely extraordinary, perfect, etc.)
  2. Do not expect unrealistic things even from yourself.
  3. Find your own pace. Do not take on more responsibility than you can accomplish.
  4. Make a list of priorities of what is most important. This can help you not to get entangled in a pile of things that you cannot finish.
  5. Do not invest all your energy in just one day, expecting it to be brilliant (New Year’s Eve, for example.). The holidays can be enjoyed for as long, as well as pass.
  6. Do not think about the past and future, live and enjoy the present.
  7. Speak only good things about others.
  8. Make sure to take the time for a jog or some other physical exercises.
  9. Take time to sit down in peace, breathe deeply and relax.

… And no matter how much it may sound strange,

  1. Read less read newspapers.
  2. Watch less watch television.
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