14 Advices On When And How To Use Your Bathroom Scale

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The controversy of a bathroom scale might be underrated. On one hand, there is an ongoing debate among the experts on whether you should weigh yourself on an everyday basis or not, and on the other hand people are debating on how they are using the bathroom scales.


What we managed to learn so far is that, around 20% of the population rather refrain for weighing themselves while 40% do that weekly or daily, and the same amount only occasionally.

No matter if whether or not, we do think that your bathroom scale can be an asset if you want to take care of your weight. Think about these guidelines we have set for you on when and how you should weigh in.

When to Use Your Scale

Start a daily practice

A study we have conducted found that people on diet who weighed themselves on a daily basis lost twice as much compared to the people who did this on a weekly basis. These dieters were also better when it came to keeping the weight off. This way, they managed to establish a greater control over the weight they lose on a daily basis.

When to use your scaleWeigh in less often

Depending on type of person you are this might work better for you. Some experts would actually advise you against daily weight checks if you comprise of certain group of people. Therefore, in case you would normally get discouraged by some small and meaningless fluctuations weighing yourself less frequently could bring better results. On our website you can get informed about the 3-Week diet plan for which you could set weighing frequency on every third week. Your goals could be set on three week basis, and you can thus track them.

Make it social

For some, weighing in groups does a better job. Our experts would recommend this for having support around at the time of seeing your progress on the scale in case you will feel better this way. Having couple of people who will congratulate you on your progress is also a good way to boost your motivation.

Catch slips early

What this means is that make sure that every differences from your plan is noticed on time. However, this seem to be reversed when you’re just trying to maintain your figure. Staying vigilant and taking precautions can help you can make corrections promptly. That could be particularly important if you have a condition such as diabetes.

Monitor your moodThe Scale Lies

This is also very important when it comes to deciding on whether you would like to stand on a scale. For some people, going through the weight-loss programme means going through the depression or fighting the eating disorders. In case that you are experiencing this, you might want to reduce the frequency of measuring your weight, and the time you spend on the scale.

How to Use Your Scale

Keep your old scale.

Of course, you can always remove the dust of your old scale with the needle if you already have it. This might be a little bit imprecise at first, but being consistent and using only the same scale, will help you see the differences you made.

Go digital

While this option can be a little bit pricey compared to good old scale with needle, for the ones who are ready to trade, we strongly recommend on using a digital scale. Digital scales were proven to be more accurate, and far easier to read.

Hit the gym

If you want to add more reliability to the above mentioned digital scale, then you might want to use the one at your local gym or health club or even at the doctor’s office. Buying a professional model only for you to How to use your scaleuse it at home might be expensive.

Add more features

The technology development didn’t skipped this area. It allows bathroom scales to check out your body for body fat, amount of water, bone mass, indoor air quality and other similar features. Which means you would be able to do more than just measuring your weight. In case that you opt for green energy go for a solar powered scale.

Incorporate the scale into your morning routine

Most likely, in the early morning you will be at your real weight, thus making this time of the day the best for weighing yourself.

Consider other measurements

Measuring your dieting progress can be done in many different ways. You could always take weekly pictures of yourself in the same pose and thus check the change in your looks. Or, for instance, trying out a pair of your old jeans can be an interesting and exciting way to check your progress. The most important for you is to pay attention to the fat around the waist.

Adjust for clothing

Having a smaller amount of clothes while measuring can make you lighter. Apparel can add somewhere between 1 and 3 kilograms to the measured weight. Ideally, you could use the same or similar amount of clothes every time while weighing yourself.

Weight loss progressTrack your progress

No matter how often you use the scale, write down your performance in order to see how close you are to reaching a certain goal. This way, you will increase your awareness about the process and boost your motivation.