5 Effective Home Remedies For Ear Infections


Prior to writing this article about the home, natural remedies for ear infections, I need to make sure you understand that these types of remedies are designed to assist you with the pain relief. In case that there should be a proper medical treatment, these are not a substitute, and you should pay a visit to your doctor for a proper examination.


In case that the pain of infection is severe and doesn’t go away, you need a diagnosis and a medical treatment.

When it comes to ear infection there are number of home, natural ways in order to relief yourself from pain associated with it. In most of the cases, when the infection is mild this will be all you need in order to treat it. Here are some of the ways to do that:

Onion, Garlic and Olive Oil.

As you can see for this remedy, all your ingredients you can find in your own kitchen. Both onion and garlic possess good healing agents which assist you. In order to prepare the remedy, you first need to cook onion and garlic in the olive oil on a low heat. Once the ingredients are reduced, strain them so that you just have liquid oil. Pour the oil into a clean container. After that apply only couple of drops this oil into the infected ear. This remedy has a reputation of being among the top for ear infections.


Lemon Juice.

This one is another remedy that uses ingredients from you kitchen. Apply couple of drops of undiluted lemon juice into the infected ear and the acid will neutralize and kill the bacteria. This one also tops the list when it comes to ear infections.

Hydrogen Peroxide.

This remedy often finds its use on a grazed knee in order to kill germs that can occur. However, hydrogen peroxide is also highly effective for ear infections and people don’t always realize this. Not only that it kills germs, but it will also remove and blockage in your ear.

White Vinegar.

Making a mix made of ½ white vinegar and ½ water works great for your ear infection. Five to four drops, few times a day should be enough in order to see the results very soon.

Warm Compress.

Putting a warm bag of wheat or rice in a sock can help you relief the pain. You can put it in the microwave to heat for a minute and then compress it against the infected ear.


When treating yourself with these remedieass remember that this is a sensitive part of your body and thus you don’t want to use something that will irritate your skin. Stick to more natural products as bleach and similar chemicals are not a good choice. Also, don’t try sticking something to your ear in order to remove the blockage. On one hand it can be quite painful and it can cause irrecoverable damage.

Above mentioned remedies have been used in practice for years and are proven to be effective. However, what works for someone might not work for everyone so if one doesn’t work try with another. And remember, in case of sever problems consult your doctor.

I am a Healthy food specialist. The knowledge about the healthy lifestyle and home remedies has been shared within my family for generations. I have complemented this knowledge with the studies on Department of Dietetics and Nutrition Sciences on Semmelweis University in Budapest. I became a certified nutritionist and home remedies specialist and my passion is to help people to live their life as healthy as possible. I will write you about the healthy lifestyle, healthy tips and home remedies.