8 Ways to Motivate Yourself When Losing Weight


People who succeeded know that there are no shortcuts when it comes to losing weight, and that it requires a certain amount of time and a lot of patience. In normal circumstances, it will take at least several weeks to lose few kilograms.


At the very beginning of their weight-loss programme, people set goals which normally differ. More significant ones can require several months or even years to complete. During this long and exhausting period keeping the motivation high is getting harder as the days pass, and one need to boost it on an everyday basis in order to endure the process and reach the goal.

Therefore, we have set this list of couple of ways you can motivate yourself when losing weight:

Take an inspirational quote you like, and place it on the fridge. On your first day of weight loss, you can pick a quote which motivate you the best, and let it stand on a place where you will see it at least couple of times during the day. This way, not only that you will get your motivational boost, but it will also work as a reminder of why you started at the first place while waking up determination you had on your day one. You can also tape few quotes on the bathroom mirror, thus making sure you will see them. Doing the same on the door of your fridge can prevent a dietary lapse.

Keep track of your progress. The famous quote from the gym says “Once you see the results, it becomes an addiction”. Thus, we recommend measuring and tracking of your progress. After seeing the difference you made since day one, it will motivate you to pursue your goal further and endure the whole process. After all, how will you know whether your diet and exercise plan is effective if you are not measuring any results? There are many ways to do it and you should choose the one that works for you. Our research has showed that best way to do this is to take a picture each week and compared it to the previous one.

Keep track of your weight loose
Keep track of your weight loose

Use a visual reminder in form of weight-loss jars. Although taking pictures proved to be the most effective in terms of boosting motivation, sometimes it can be hard to see one kilogram loss in mirror. Therefore, what you can do is to fill a jar with stones or marbles with the amount of stones equal to the number of kilograms you wish to loose. This way you can see how far have you made it towards reaching your goal. It might also be exciting and interesting for you to see how the amount of stones reduces by your effort.

Hire a personal trainer. People get quite creative when it comes to finding excuses for not going to the gym. Hiring a personal trainer who will be expecting you at the gym will greatly increase your incentive to show up there and get to work. Furthermore, a good personal trainer will give you a plan that would be suitable for your needs, and skill level, and also track your process.

Find a workout or weight loss buddy. You can get quite lonely during your weight loss process. And, most likely, there is someone else who will be in the very same situation and with similar goals to the ones you may have. Having someone going for the same or similar goal as yours will wake up your competing spirit and get you both going. Also, communicating with someone about the process on a regular basis will also motivate you. Our website has proven to be a useful resource for finding a workout buddy with a goal of losing weight same like.

Purchase new workout gear. Activities can also be inspired by purchasing new equipment. When I bought my running gear, such as running shoes and outfit, I felt motivated to get up early and go for a run. I pictured myself as more professional while working out, seeing myself from third person. Imagining this picture of yourself in a professional outfit will boost your motivation making you endure more than you think you can.

eat healthy food to loose weight
eat healthy food to loose weight

List your reasons for losing weight. Name and put on a piece of paper all the reasons why you want to start with a weight-loss programme. Yes, write them all down. Is it because you don’t feel attractive? Are you feeling unhealthy? Would you want to fit your old jeans? There is no reason which is too small as long as you are honest with yourself. This can also serve you as a reminder later for yourself on why you started and to remember the first day determination.

Provide small rewards along the way. By finding an adequate reward system and rewarding yourself you can always keep your motivation high. Moreover, picturing your reward at the end of a cycle can help you make it. Dieting and, but also the overall weight-loss programme gets tougher as you go so you could provide yourself with larger rewards as you process. 3-Week diet plan which we recommend suits the best for making a small break from the process and rewarding yourself every third week for the good job done so far.

Keeping your motivation high at all moments is very important when it comes to losing weight. It is a rather slow process and progress can sometimes be difficult to see. Furthermore, you need to choose what will work for you the best when it comes to motivation since motivation depends from person to person. So what works for others might not work for you and vice versa. The trick is to stay focused and give yourself the notion of how great work you are doing with deciding to lose weight. Except for keeping your motivation at high levels, also keep your spirit and expectations high. Our website can provide you with all the great resources for the good job you are doing.