Effective Treatment For Acne Scars


Who likes acne? Whoever had problems with acne during their teenage days knows it’s not easy to deal with. Also, with the other kids who will find a way to tease you because of this. However, it is not a problem that can affect only teenagers, but it can strike you at any age.


Considering the amount of people it strikes we can surely say that this is most likely the most common skin problem across the globe. And it doesn’t makes a difference whether if you are a man or a woman. In order to make this problem even bigger than just having acne, scars are typical to be seen long after the acne was healed. This firstly have a negative impact on someone’s self-esteem, making them feel less attractive. But, not everything is lost when it comes to this as there are now various treatments available. One of them is dermabrasion.

Acne Effects
Acne Effects

This cure has been around for quite a while, and it build its reputation among people.

What is Dermabrasion?

In order to get insight into what is dermabrasion we have to break down the word. “Derma” means skin and “abrasion” means using some kind of friction. Motorized tool removes the outermost layer of the skin, that’s the procedure. The best way to imagine is to think about it as sanding away the very surface of the skin. This certainly doesn’t sound pleasant, but let’s look at it a little bit deeper.

Micro Dermabrasion Process
Micro Dermabrasion Process

How does it work?

Dermabrasion works great job for the acne scars. The process causes new, healthier skin cells to come out and replace the old skin. Due to its nature of affecting only the surface layer of the skin, the treatment is not that effective for the scars that are deeper. But, there will be some noticeable improvement even though the scars are deep. This will lead you to having smooth, healthy looking skin, which will boost your self-esteem.

What are the complications?

You must understand that this is a procedure that must be done by a professional, because it will require some kind of local anaesthetic. It is a surgical procedure, no matter the fact that is done on an outpatient basis. It normally takes from 15 minutes up to an hour. Furthermore, for a few days after the procedure you will have to stay at your home in order for swelling and redness to go away. It is also not unusual for doctor to prescribe you pain medications after. Recovery of the dermabrasion can take couple of months, but it is worth as it can be highly effective treatment. Make sure to follow instructions by your doctor and thus reduce the risk of any problems.


the information above is there to help you having a better discussion with your doctor about the problem you have, and it shouldn’t be considered as a medical advice. Make sure you understand the various options you have.

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