How to breathe in less toxins

Breathe healthy

Inhalation of harmful substances from the surrounding air is probably the most insidious form of exposure to various chemicals, because you usually do not think about it. And you are not thinking because you subconsciously assume that it is an inevitable fact. But it is not!

We are daily exposed to a large number of pollutants from the air. However, there are many ways in which we can reduce inhalation of harmful evaporation, spray paint, particles, and the like. If we proceed cautiously, we can reduce the damage that would have otherwise caused the lungs, eyes, throat, and internal organs when matters that we breathed into the circulation.

Fumes from cleaning agents

Cleaning the house are the most harmful matters in relation toxic fumes. Several studies have shown that the level of harmful vapours are present more in closed area such as houses or apartments, several times higher than outside! The reason for this are probably many cleaning products (bath, work surfaces, carpets) in combination with air refreshers, candles, perfumes, hair spray and other chemicals sprayed on the house almost daily.


Cleaning the stove and oven, funding for windows (Ammonia), strong chemical solvents fat (dishwasher, etc.), cleaning bath, toilets, etc. – all contain chemicals that damage undoubtedly gentle lung tissue when inhaled. Sometimes in the instructions for use, we cannot find that users are advised to wear a protective mask over your nose and mouth when you use these tools!

Inhalation of these fumes can cause nausea, dizziness, sneezing and runny nose, uncontrolled coughing and watery eyes – to mention just a few. This happens because all chemicals and solvents such as benzene, bleach and volatile acids that dissolve dirt and grease irritate human tissues.


In this regard, you can help yourself if you perform cleaning on a little more “environmentally friendly” way. For example, hot water, without any added chemicals can clean most surfaces in the home, including a washer (if not too burnt). Various types of vinegar, essential oils, and even lemon juice dissolved in water are a very effective natural cleaners!


One study has shown that a number of frequently used air fresheners often contain highly toxic chemicals that are not even listed on the label! In these compositions include sprays, powders for carpets, use scented air fresheners for bathrooms, etc.

Many air fresheners can cause a burning sensation in the throat and the eyes, lung irritation, nausea, runny nose and sneezing, and even can stimulate asthma attacks. Refresher everywhere. Even if you do not use at home, many restaurants and stores them in largeamounts, as well as public toilets.


If you notice a particular sense worsens your allergies or obstruct the throat and lungs, just try to minimize the time you spend in the space in which it is used.

Often ventilation can greatly lower the concentration of these chemicals in the air and to minimize their harmful effects.

Perfumes, hair sprays and other means of personal “hygiene”toxic spray

Perfumes are very awkward when inhaled, because often contain hundreds of different chemicals, which are used for getting their scent. Most of the perfumes applied to the body by being sprayed in a fine spray, which then enters the ambient air which we breathe.

Hair sprays and other products for personal hygiene (deodorants, etc.) are used in the form of air sprays which in turn increases the amount of harmful chemicals in the air and general pollution.


If instead using the pump sprays all over the air, we could use the ones which causes applies a product to a chosen surface, fewer chemicals will enter the air.

This will help if we can cover our nose or mouth while spraying a particular composition (eg, deodorant).

The ideal solution is to use natural products for personal care without chemicals, which can now be found in most of the better-stocked health food store.

I am a Healthy food specialist. The knowledge about the healthy lifestyle and home remedies has been shared within my family for generations. I have complemented this knowledge with the studies on Department of Dietetics and Nutrition Sciences on Semmelweis University in Budapest. I became a certified nutritionist and home remedies specialist and my passion is to help people to live their life as healthy as possible. I will write you about the healthy lifestyle, healthy tips and home remedies.