Itch Be Gone

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If you garden, hike, bike, swim, walk, run, or participate in other outdoor activities, you know it’s easy to get itchy skin. Mosquitoes are a major culprit, then there’s sunburn, rashes, scratches and more. It seems that itchy skin is an inevitable part of summer in some way or another.

Make your natural anti-itch spray in 5 minutes and get a relief.

Natural Anti-Itch Spray Ingredients

This is for a 4 ounce spray bottle, but you could easily double the recipe or cut in half to fit your container size.


Filly the bottle with:

● 3 oz Witch Hazel
● 1 oz Aloe Vera Gel

And add:

● 10 drops Lavender
● 5 drops Frankincense
● 10 drops Melaleuca

Shake it!
Great, it’s ready to use.

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