Read to reduce the stress

Reading girl How to Relax and Reduce Stress

Research shows that it contributes to health better to read a good book than to rotate the channels on TV watching worthless program. Reading can to reduce stress as much as 68%!

The average American over 15 years, during the working week, 2.5 hours watching television, while reading a book for just half an hour, the statistics show. A large part of the free time is carried away by surfing the internet and watching “at the computer screen or a” smart “phone. It is estimated that 42% of graduates from college, after graduation will never read any books!


Whether it is for health is still better that instead of switching channels on TV, take a book in hand and reverses the pages (of course, after you read them)? Japanese research from the first half of this year found that watching television can change the composition of the brain. The study included 276 children and teenagers, and scientists have found that the more time spent in front of TV screen increases frontal lobe grey matter and reduced verbal IQ (the ability of to speak).

Another study revealed a long-term positive effects of reading novels. In this study, students were conducted magnetic resonance imaging of the brain before, during, and after reading the novel. Scientists have found an increase in connections in parts of the brain that are responsible for the sensitivity of the language; this increased connectivity is retained and the next day, similar to the “muscle memory”.

Lead researcher, Dr. Gregory Berns of Emory University, says: “The least we can say is that reading a story, especially those with a strong narrative, reconfigure the brain network for at least several days. It shows how the story will remain with us. This could have fundamental consequences for the children and the role of reading in shaping their brain. ”

What else reading does to the brain? Research, University of Sussex found that subjects who were stressed only needed six minutes of reading to settle (slowing of the heart and the withdrawal tension from the muscles).read

Reading lowers stress levels by 68%; It is followed by listening to music (lowers stress levels by 61%), drinking coffee (54%), walking (42%). Dr David Lewis describes the effect of stress on reading as follows: “It does not matter what book you read, immersion in a captivating story helps you to escape from everyday worries and stress, and to spend time exploring the world created by the writer’s imagination.”

Maybe it’s not a bad idea to change the relationship between TV viewing and reading – in favour of reading. Jump over to the first library or bookstore to feel better.

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